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Self-Service Data Analytics for the Industrial IoT.

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A single platform to integrate your real-time big data streams.

Advanced Monitoring

Keep track of your production from a single system. StreamPipes provides an integrated and completely configurable view on your whole production in real-time.


Data Ingestion

Collect heterogeneous data from sensors and other systems, harmonize data and store data for offline analysis without any programming effort. StreamPipes is your self-service system for data ingestion.


Situational Awareness

Detect problems in your production immediately before it fails. StreamPipes is the easiest solution for the detection of incidents based on complex pattern detection and data analysis.

Self-Service Real-Time Big Data.

StreamPipes is the first solution that makes real-time big data accessible to everyone: Our graphical modeler allows business analysts to define processing pipelines in an ad-hoc manner, without the need for big data experts or data scientists.

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